Apps for Building Online Forms for Your Business Purposes

One of the most versatile elements on a website that you can use is forms. By using a good online form builder software, you’ll have an easy time creating polls, surveys, quizzes, payment and contact forms, and a wide range of other features. You’ll be pleased to know that there are a lot of amazing online form builders on the market. The one you go for will be determined by your budget and the elements that you’ll need. In this article, we are going to share some of the best software for building online forms. The tools that we shall cover are platform-independent. This means that you can use them on any type of website.

What features should a good online form builder software have?

As we said earlier, there are a lot of online form builders on the market. Some focus on specific form types, such as polls or quizzes. You need to ensure that your computer is optimized before you start building forms. One of the best ways to optimize your Mac is by updating it and using its memory wisely. You also need to choose the right online form builder that has all the elements that you look forward to building. Most reputable online form builders allow you to include important elements that you’ve created on other sites. However, this might not be necessary if you’ll be sharing your forms on various websites and social media platforms.

When you are doing business, budgeting is the most crucial part, as everything depends on how you plan to spend your money. Smart budgeting ensures the success of your business. There are several budgeting tools available on the market and you can even manage your finances with the help of these apps. You can use these to track your expenses, and spending habits and create monthly budgets. Some of the most popular apps are YNAB, Chronicle, Expenses, and Green Books. UctoX helps business owners create invoices for their customers. You can even add multiple bank accounts and sync them with the help of iCloud.

Leading online form builder apps

With lots of options on the market, it can be quite difficult to know where to start. However, we’ve made your work easier. Let’s discuss some of the best online form builders that will help you achieve your business goals in the long run.

Google Forms

Do you use Google Docs or Sheets regularly? If you answer yes, you’ll have an easy time with this option. Google Forms allows you to create forms for your business or personal use. It all depends on the type of account that you choose. The app has lots of amazing elements and templates that you can use to organize trips and create polls and surveys, to name a few. Using Google Forms, you can add regular text fields, linear scale fields, and multiple-choice questions, to name a few. The app allows you to add YouTube videos and images. You’ll also have easy access to various built-in options to help you analyze form responses.

One of the areas that Google Forms lacks is styling. The forms you’ll create using this tool will be easy to use. However, when you add them to your website, styling can be quite off. If you are on a budget, this is the ideal tool for you.

HubSpot form Builder

This is another leading online form builder on the market. It comes with a drag-and-drop interface that you can use to create complex forms. The app works perfectly with HubSpot CRM. This makes it the ideal tool for collecting customer information through forms. Using HubSpot form builder you can set notifications and reminders for individuals who require to share information. The app supports different field types that you can add to your forms in a few seconds. Remember that there are many advanced features you can only access when you sign up for a premium plan.


This is one of the unique form-builder tools that you’ll find in the digital space. It allows you to create interactive forms with several background styles, transition effects, and micro animations to name a few. Using Typeform, you can create surveys, quizzes, forms, giveaways, and several other options. The platform offers several templates for all form types. If you decide to use Typeform, you should keep in mind that you won’t have access to drag and drop builder. Every question will have its slide. When users type in the answers, they’ll move to the next one. If you prefer the traditional approach, Typeform might not be the ideal option for you.

It is a user-friendly form builder. However, the slide approach might not be ideal for long quizzes or surveys. Keep in mind that Typeform forms can only be viewed on their pages. You can include them on your website. However, using the full-page design will make the experience more organic.

Microsoft Forms

If your enterprise relies on Microsoft products or you use Office 365 regularly, Microsoft Forms should be the ideal online form builder too for you. It allows you to create lots of simple quizzes and forms that include multiple-choice answers, text, dates, and ratings, to name a few. While the field selection is quite limited, Microsoft Forms is easy to use. You can easily access response data, preview forms on your smartphone, and use multiple themes for all your projects. This tool does not have the drag-and-drop functionality. However, you can rearrange your fields by moving them up or down. You’ll also access a wide range of templates for each occasion. Subscription plans start at $69.99 per annum.


When it comes to building online forms, there are many options on the market. To find out which tool is ideal for you, you need to know the type of forms that you want to create and the features that you’ll need. If you are on a budget, you’ll be pleased to know that there are a lot of tools that offer free plans.

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